Flood Studies

Our experience in FEMA flood revisions is second to none.  We have been working on FEMA coastal flood map revision projects in Florida since obtaining the first local Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) in 1992.  In the ensuing 25-plus years, we have obtained LOMRs in numerous Florida coastal communities on both coasts. In addition to FEMA LOMRs, our flood work includes FEMA Conditional Letters of Map Revision (CLOMRs), FEMA Letters of Map Amendments (LOMAs), and consultation regarding project siting relative to flood zones and the National Flood Insurance Program requirements.  Since we have licensed professionals on staff in both engineering and architecture, we are uniquely qualified to help clients through the design and permitting requirements associated with habitable structures, all with an eye towards maximizing the best relief from building code requirements and flood insurance premiums.   In addition, our coastal modeling includes wave crest and scour relief modeling for projects under the jurisdiction of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Coastal Control Line program, erosion modeling, and all types of wave modeling.  No firm has come close to processing as many private mapping revisions through FEMA in the Sarasota-Manatee area as has The Tignor Group, P.A.  Below are excerpts from letters sent from a few of our clients.

We received today a check which represented an 88% refund on the flood insurance premium paid this year.  I must give full credit for this achievement to your engineering expertise, in the computations involved and your personal persistence in pursuing this matter through the Washington bureaucracy.

                                                                                                             Mr.  G.W.G. McDonald, Director     Gulf and Bay Condominium Association, Inc.

Thanks to the keen perception of The Tignor Group, P.A., Osprey Harbor Village has just saved more than $6000 every year in perpetuity.

                                                                                                   The Osprey Harbor Village Board of Directors

Thanks, Stan and Kristy, for your superb technical expertise.  You were great to work with and we are enjoying our insurance savings!

                                                                                                   Mr. Stephen Huse, Bird Key, Sarasota, FL